Miro Tóth and the team. / Collective Composition no. 1a

26. květen 2017

Collective composition no.1 is the first in the series of collective and community compositions. It was initiated at compositional courses Trstěnice 2013 as a one common blank paper without written instructions nor title, transferred through personal meetings, discussions and mutual verbal agreement. The 12 participating composers are signed at the backside of the paper. Verbal instruction: Compose one musical idea.

The series of collective and community compositions aims on theoretical processing, presentation, preparation and realization of musical compositions which examine serial multi-mindedness, decision-making, cooperative creative process and social behavior of participants in context of one piece of music, notated on common papers.

Collective composition no. 1

…People and their sounds…

Focusing on fundamental questions of creative process and its possibilities of cooperative composing (co-composing) between composers (not exclusively), one can ask what will happen if each step of the compositional process is decided by a different person. What results would this step-by-step decision-making bring in the context of one piece? What conditions and limitations are needed for the best possible result? Is it possible to find coherence in the broadest sense between such different aesthetics and if yes how? Is it meaningful in such a multi-directional community of contemporary music?

Collective composition no. 1

…Community, not elite…

What will the behavior of the individuals be in this specific collective social situation, especially among composers who are considered one of the strongest individuals in art? The project brings together established composers with young or still studying ones and in one case also with the audience thus fostering multicultural and intergenerational social relationships.

Collective composition no. 1

…Collective of individualities…

Iniciator: Ján Podracký (SK/CZ)
Athors collective: Clarence Barlow, Jáchym Novotný, Jan Kotyk, Jan Ryant Dřízal, Jeff Beer, Klára Hedvika Mühlová, Lucie Vítková, Martin Koniar, Michal Huska, Pavel Zemek Novák, Petra Machková, Ryszard Lubieniecki

autohors/performers: tenorsax (Zdeněk Závodný), trumpet (Petr Vrba), percusions (Alla Kreidman), piano (Barbora Čopáková), sopran (Eva Geislová, Aneta Bendová), contratenor (Marek Kundlák)

author of the piece and the cunductor (Miro Tóth)

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