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12. listopad 2008

rAdioCUSTICA is an intermedia project by the Czech Radio Vltava produced in collaboration with Czech Radio's Production Center. The portal focuses on contemporary radioart - wide range of media art forms, which try to explore potential of radio as a dynamic medium of the 21. century.

The portal is connected with Czech Radio Vltava's program Radioateliér, which has been on-air since 2003 presenting newest commissions of Czech and international acoustic art scene as well as introducing wide range of international sonic events from musique concrete through diverse forms of "Hörspiel" toward live radio performances. All commissions since 2003 can be accessed in the Audio archive.

The portal also gather information about newest world-wide acoustic arts events. Feel free to comment on, propose and provide us with any kind of interesting information which should be presented - radiocustica@rozhlas.cz


Founder of the project, producer: Dr. Michal Rataj mrataj(at)rozhlas(dot)cz Michal Rataj (born 1975) is assistant professor of electroacoustic music at the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague. He studied musicology and composition in Prague, Egham (UK) and Berlin (D) and he was a Fulbright Scholar to Centre For New Music And Audio Technologies at the University of California, Berkeley. He is member of the producers' EBU Ars Acustica Group, his music has been broadcast worldwide and performed throughout Europe and in the USA. http://michalrataj.com



producer, curator: Ladislav Železný, ladislav.zelezny()rozhlas()czLadislav Železný studied fine arts in Faculty of Fine Arts - Technical University in Brno in the departments of mutlimedia and intermedia. He is collaborating on rAdioCUSTICA since 2008. He worked as an assistant for audio applications at the Faculty of Fine Arts Brno, an external teacher for Audio technology at the same faculty and currently works also as a sound and music designer for radio drama department on the Czech Radio. http://ldn.ferrum.name



Design: Adéla Knajzlová, Belavenir Prague & Vladimir 518English Translation: Linda Fořtová, Olga & Stephan von Pohl

Contact information:Czech RadioProduction CenterVinohradská 1212099 Praha 2 Czech Republic

This is a part of EURORADIO Ars Acustica activities

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