Tomáš Vtípil: RADIACE 20181028

31. březen 2017

The basic constructive principle of this piece is the confrontation, or contamination, of two kinds of materials, both originally created on the 28th of October 2016 (the Independent Czechoslovak State Day). The first is the broadcasting of Czech Radio Vltava, the other sonic situations in which the author, Tomáš Vtípil, was involved at the same time.

One of the basic properties of radio broadcasting (and mass-media communication in general) is thus taken as the basic topic: radiating information out into an unknown context, which is (apparently?) unrelated. The unities of place, time and action are broken and it is necessary to search for unity on a different level, within a different code.

Simple synaesthetic associations can serve as a guide. Or perhaps the entirely personal experience of a complementary nature; perceiving public radio broadcasting, cast in the symbolic light of a national holiday in a time of tense political masquerades, in contrast with “real life” experiences of an entirely different kind.

Music is a particularly useful tool in this search.

Radiation 20161028 was created as a commission from Czech Radio for its Radiocustica series, in association with the Brno Contemporary Orchestra and the Brno Philharmonic.

performed by:

Brno Conmporary Orchestra

violin: Lukáš Mik, Lenka Koplová
viol: Staislav Vacek, Petr Pščenica
violoncello.: Lukáš Svoboda
double bass: Michal Pokorný
basson, contrabasson: Jiří Jakubec
clarinet: Lukáš Daňhel
trumpet: Lukáš Soldán
trombone:  Jan Pospíšil
el. organ: Jaromír Zámečník
pinao, percussions: Petr Hladík

voice: Pasi Mäkelä

condutor: Pavel Šnajdr

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