Marek Hlaváč: Listening warm-up

31. leden 2018
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A series of 4 short sound compositions that work in different ways of listeners participation and the role of broadcaster and listeners in general. Composition as a instrument - in order for the listener to listen to the composition, must be actively engage into, whether mentally or physically.

Listening warm-up
The instructor guides the listener to modulate the sound waves coming into his/her ear. Instruction can also be taken as a model of a particular type of listening - the ear becomes a musical instrument, still ready for use.

Dump speaker
Voice without voice, speech without speech. Only a small rest of speech and its communication function. The listener can only guess what the speaker is trying to say.


Relaxation piece on the theme Czech anthem
Listener's brain is synchronized with the frequency 4-7Hz - brain wave frequencies, which is associated with the state of hypnosis.

Warm-up with radio
The listener is instructed to explore his/her receiver and use it as a musical instrument, or generally to an unorthodox approach to things.

author: Marek Hlaváč
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